Brand Of Quality

SOLARVED branded systems with a European mark of quality. Over 10 years of service life. Withstand extreme conditions in coastal areas.

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FREE Hot Water

Our systems heat water using the solar energy. Payback period as low as 2 years. It’s amazing how at a low price you can heat water to high temperatures.

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How We Do It

We harness the solar energy, use it to heat water for your whole family throughout the year, and everybody is loving it including the best in the real estate

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Our Shops

Our nationwide network of distributors and installers deliver the experience to you. A supplier of construction materials can apply to be part of the team.

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Collector and tank on the roof.
Has no pump Easy temperature setting Can be flat plate or evacuated tube type


Tank is inside the house Collector on roof Pump provided with the system with a controller for easier temperature setting Can be flat plate or evacuated tube type


They are cheaper than all other systems. For water with low pressure. Systems clearly marked ‘LOWEND’ Our team must do site survey for assurance that these systems are the perfect fit for your site. Can be flat plate or evacuated tube type

The sun is free, electricity is expensive and using our SOLARVED solar water heating systems you can join the group of energy saving home owners whose homes have rose in value, developers who properties are selling at a higher price to customers who love the experience and cost savings that can be invested elsewhere. The government is demanding it with hopes of taking care of the future generations.

In Kenya, Government has agreed. It is compulsory for every premises that uses more than 100 litres of hot water per day to have solar water heating systems. That’s almost every family with more than four members.

Heat water throughout the year. We have technology that captures the sun radiation even in a cloudy day.

The systems are affordable. It’s the modern way of living to only pay for electricity that you really need. Save 60% of home energy costs. Payback period is only 2years.

Control the system temperatures easily inside the house. You don’t have to climb the roof.

Using Electrical water heater and want to shift to solar water heating? No worries. Our system are plug & play for a simple fit. Contact us.


It’s as simple as collectors on roof converting solar energy to heat energy. With a SOLARVED solar water heater, the technology allows you to heat water to very high temperatures by use of solar energy even on a partly cloudy day. Where temperatures exceed the needed temperatures, our systems regulate to a setting of your choice to suit comfort.


Build big. We got you covered. Our systems not only generate energy for your home, they can also raise home value. That’s because they get much cheaper for larger projects and even better, the controls can be suited to use. Engage us early.